Why do we need to end the Duterte regime?

We can’t wait until 2022.

The suffering and oppression brought about by Rodrigo Duterte’s 5 years of corrupt, treacherous, and tyrannical regime are beyond comparison.

The people's socioeconomic conditions worsened rapidly as a result of Duterte's additional taxes, rice and pork import liberalization, wage depression, land grabbing and use-conversion, and encroachment and plunder of natural resources by multinational corporations. Millions have also lost their jobs and sources of income in both the cities and countryside.

This crisis has only worsened in the face of an ongoing pandemic, to which Duterte has failed to adequately respond. The number of new confirmed cases reached an all time high in August, with over 19,000 testing positive in a single day. This is despite another lockdown order by the government. Now, the government is even embroiled in a potential corruption scandal after reports revealed misuse of tens of billions of pesos by the Department of Health and Department of Budget and Management in response to the pandemic.

Moreover, Duterte betrayed the nation by allowing China to encroach on the Philippines' exclusive economic zone and extended continental shelf, build artificial islands to establish and expand its military facilities and claim the surrounding waters and its resources.

To silence the people’s dissent, thousands across the country have fallen victim to extrajudicial killings, abductions, torture, unlawful arrests, red tagging, "terrorist" labeling, military occupation, harassment and intimidation of civilian communities, aerial bombardment, and forced evacuations. The public is now under police and military rule through the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict and laws like the “Anti-Terror Law”.

Duterte's plan to cling to power is now evident, whether in the form of running for vice president with a chosen minion as president, or through his reserve plan of imposing a fascist dictatorship.

The people must act to make Duterte pay for all his transgressions against the people. The longer he remains in power, the more the Filipino people, allies of the Filipino nation internationally clamor for Enough.

How do we end the Duterte regime?

There are many ways we can end the Duterte regime:

  • Calling for his resignation or impeachment

    • The basis to call for Duterte’s resignation and impeachment is clear from the past five years. [Incl. language from resign petition]

  • Uniting as a nation in people power to oust him

    • The Filipino people have a rich history of ousting those in the highest positions of power if they were not serving the interests of the people. We did it with Marcos, we did it with Erap, we can do it again with Duterte

  • Defeat him and his successors in the 2022 Election

    • Already, the people across the political spectrum are banding together to defeat Duterte or his chosen successor in 2022 in coalitions like 1SAMBAYAN. We can create a mass movement to make sure he cannot cling on to power beyond 2022

No matter which method you are fighting for, Duterte Wakasan Na! Is a place for us to unite together, collectively overcome fear and indifference, break the silence, and take joint action in ending the regime and building our vision for the nation.

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